IMAGINATION!!!..NO BATTERIES OR CHARGERS REQUIRED!!!! Many of you may be too young to remember... but there was once a time when playtime was simple and magical. With only our imaginations, we could be anything! Go anywhere! Create any adventure that would soar us beyond ourselves and our surroundings! No high technology required... just me and/or playmates …and the freedom to imagine! I remember times alone (or with friends) in my bedroom with only my dolls, toys or a book, we would go on magical adventures to places far, far away or create exciting productions or dream and speculate on grand future accomplishments... or just whatever our imaginations dictated! Now don't get me wrong te


BROWN SHUGAH JUNCTION …THE SWEETEST PLACE IN SPACE AND TIME!! ​ I was blessed to have a wonderful childhood, a hard working mom, a doting grandmama and a community/neighborhood where I felt protected and part of a village. Back then, there were no computers or video games…and very little black & white TV watching… just books, dolls, toys, outdoors, and my imagination!!! ​As a child, I was gifted a turbo charged and extremely creative imagination! The truth be told that gift has carried over into my adulthood! In support of my wonderful imagination; is my natural inclination to always challenge boundaries, question limitations and explore possibilities…especially creatively!! ​There were t

Black Cloth Dollmaking: My Journey from“Primitive” to “Pammagination”

Black Cloth Dollmaking: My Journey from“Primitive” to “Pammagination” It seems like only yesterday I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl; since I set out to buy her first doll. After all, the first doll is a girl’s first best friend. Twenty-eight years ago, I wanted to find my baby girl the perfect first best friend. Her own “Miss Priss” baby doll. One having the skin tone and features that characterize her beautiful face and hair texture, nurture self-esteem and portray our rich heritage. To my frustration that task became more of a challenge than I had ever imagined. I searched hard and long, but there were no suitable black baby dolls. I only found hard vinyl dolls that were simply d

BROWN SHUGAH JUNCTION A Contemporary Approach to a Time Honored Art

Contemporary Approach to a Time-Honored Art. My Black Rag Dollmaking Heritage For centuries, African mothers have crafted beautiful dolls and other playthings for their children. In the early 17th century, many African women became enslaved and brought to America were they continued to practice and refine this age-old art form. Although, enslaved people were denied many of the simplest pleasures of life, enslaved mothers found creative ways to provide dolls for their daughters. They gathered bits of cloth, found objects from nature and recycables from the slaveholders refuse. Using whatever they could to create rag dolls for their daughters. Their daughters in turn learned to do the same for


“Miss Priss” MY GRANDMAMA’S BEST FRIEND Many, many years ago, when I was a little girl, my grandmama kept two beautiful dolls on her bed. Dolls that I was allowed to admire only from afar. One doll was white. She had curly blond ringlets that tumbles from under a fine bonnet. She wore a elegant dress that fanned out over the bed pillows and spread. photo: Hatch Collection of Black Cloth Dolls. The other was a very old torn and tattered black rag doll. My grandmama called her “Miss Priss”. I remember being fascinated and very curious about Miss Priss. She was a mystery. All I knew about her is that she was very old and handmade. Miss Priss had a happy friendly face, but to me she seem

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