Brown Shugah Junction is:

Located somewhere between Heaven and the Sweetest of a Grandmama’s Kiss!!!!
It’s the sweetest place in all space and time!
Where all who live there are so loving, happy and kind
The birthplace and home where the LolliTops live
Before you adopt them to become your best friend!
But until then, Brown Shugah Junction is where they reside
The sweetest place ever in all space and time
Where all who live there are so loving, happy and kind!!!


 LolliTop Moppets™ are the BSJ Ambassadors just waiting to be adopted by and to share creative play adventures with a new best friend and playmate.  Handmade using new high quality and non-toxic materials.  LolliTop Moppets are not recommended for children under 3 years old. See: Details & Shipping page for more detailed information


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