Many of you may be too young to remember... but there was once a time when playtime was simple and magical. With only our imaginations, we could be anything! Go anywhere! Create any adventure that would soar us beyond ourselves and our surroundings!

No high technology required... just me and/or playmates …and the freedom to imagine!

I remember times alone (or with friends) in my bedroom with only my dolls, toys or a book, we would go on magical adventures to places far, far away or create exciting productions or dream and speculate on grand future accomplishments... or just whatever our imaginations dictated!

Now don't get me wrong technology is great and it is helping to make our kids academic wiz kids!

However, it is often just a linear exchange ...requiring very little imaginative energy.

Imagination is created from an internal wellspring that reaps personal benefits and contributions to world that are immeasurable! Imagination is a blessing from the spirit that feeds the soul. Imagination is a necessity of life. It is important not let our children's imaginations starve.

One of the goals of Brown Shugah Junction it to provide children with opportunities to simply dream and fed their imaginations!!!

Here are 100 Things a child can do with their BSJ Dolls and Playmates that can jump start their imaginations… No batteries or a chargers!

1. Become super sheroes/heroes

2. Birthday parties

3. Blow bubbles

4. Build a blanket house

5. Build a cardboard box store

6. Build and ride a cardboard box car

7. Build blocks

8. Camp indoors

9. Career daydream and play

10. Collect rocks

11. Collect stamps

12. Coloring books

13. Create a comic book

14. Create a cookie recipe

15. Create a fun community service project

16. Create a life map ( in multiples of 5 years to age 100!!!)

17. Create a scavenger hunt

18. Create a secret hideout

19. Dance! Dance! Dance!!

20. Decorate your bed room

21. Design and make.....whatever!!!

22. Discover ways to bring joy to others

23. Draw pictures

24. Explore! Maps...go on a pretend adventure

25. Giggle

26. Give a smile to others

27. Give hugs and kisses to family members

28. Go on a road trip

29. Go on vacation

30. Go shopping

31. Go to church

32. Go to the park

33. Go trick or treating

34. Have a picnic

35. Have a tea party

36. Have fun at the playground

37. Have sleepovers

38. Help mommy or daddy cook

39. Jump rope

40. Laugh and create secret jokes

41. Learn embroider

42. Learn to crochet

43. Learn to knit

44. Learn to sew

45. Make a family tree

46. Make A lemonade stand

47. Make a Paper flower garden

48. Make a rock garden

49. Make a scrapbook

50. Make a vision board

51. Make and Fly a kite

52. Make and play paper puppets

53. Make candy

54. Make chores fun

55. Make cookies

56. Make doll clothes

57. Make gifts

58. Make music

59. Make paper collages

60. Make paper dolls

61. Make streaming dance ring

62. Play Pattie Cakes” (ask your grandma how)

63. Play ”mother may I”

64. Play doctor

65. Play dress up

66. Play duck, duck goose

67. Play hand games

68. Play hide and seek

69. Play hopscotch

70. Play house

71. Play outside

72. Play school

73. Play with a (friendly) pet

74. Play with friends

75. Play with grand parents

76. Play with mom and dad

77. Play with older brothers and sisters

78. Play with younger brothers and sisters

79. Playmate talent show

80. Pray together

81. Read a book together

82. Roller skate

83. Science/nature projects

84. Share a bike ride

85. Share deepest secret

86. Skip, hop , jump

87. Solve puzzles

88. Start a gratitude journal

89. Start a neighborhood kid’s club

90. Take a discovery walk

91. Take an imaginary safari

92. Tickle family members

93. Visit playmates

94. Write “message to me” letters ( seal and assign opening dates)

95. Write best friend vows

96. Write an story book

97. Write and act in a play

98. Write and sing songs

99. Write poems

100. Write riddles

Please add your ideas in the comments section!

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