The Simple Talents and Tools Needed to Make Black Rag Dolls!

The Simple Talents and tools Needed to Make Black Rag Dolls!

I love, love, love making cloth rag dolls, especially black …and bi-racial and multi-ethnic dolls. I also love, love, love sharing my dollmaking passion with others. Have you have ever wanted to make a doll for a special little one or just for yourself? Thinking that is too hard or too complicated? … I want to get you passed your fears and doubts!!! However most importantly, I desire to share my love for creativity and the legacy of dollmaking with our children!!!

Dollmaking gives children an exciting, creative, temporary escape from our present-day high tech and linear lifestyle and in turn offers opportunities to simply dream and ignite their imaginations. This is a core value and goal of BROWN SHUGAH JUNCTION!!

I have been a seamstress way long before I became a doll artist. I taught myself to hand sew doll clothes around age 5! That means that I have over 60 years of sewing experience…OMG did I really admit that!!! LOL!!!) Well anyway!!!…. Having all that ancient experience, I am extremely well versed in the principles of construction, fabric manipulation and sewing methods. All of which affords me the skills needed to design and create simple and easy dollmaking patterns, that allow even the most novice sewer to make uniquely beautiful rag dolls!

BSJ dolimaking patterns and dollmaking kits are designed for those with very little sewing experience, as well as, those who have a great deal of sewing experience, ages 7 to 107!!

All you need is:

  • A sewing machine

  • General sewing tools and supplies

  • Basic sewing skills

  • Basic hand sewing skills

  • And an interest and desire to make dolls!!!! and/or spend creative time a child.

If you are new to sewing or need a refresher in order to teach sewing to a child, check out the excellent YouTube series below to get you started:

Beginners Sewing Course - Day 1 - The Basics (the first of 5 days! -20 mins each) – by Made To Sew:

There are a few hand stitches that are good to know and used often when dol making:

Basing /Running/ Gathering stitch:

Back stitch:

Blanket stitch:

Cross stitch:

Ladder stitch:

So there you go!!! Check out these tutorials. They will teach or review the foundational skills needed to make dolls or teach a child dollmaking!!!

Next time we will talk about the specific dollmaking tools and supplies!!!

Dollin’ Blessings ....until next time....

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