DIY Portable Design and Ironing Board!!!  Another One of My Favorite Dollmaker Tool!!

Cloth Doll patterns are made up of several small pieces that are sewn together in a specific and strategic order. It can be easy to lose pattern pieces and your way. This is why I use a Portable Design Board to layout and keep track of pieces when making my dolls. I suggest that you as a new (old) dollmaker think about using one too!

A design board is not an essential doll making tool, but if you discover that you really enjoy cloth dollmaking you will probably benefit greatly by having one.

Design Boards are very simple to make. Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet has made this great YouTube tutorial to show you how to make one in a jiffy!

Design Boards are very low cost to make and worth the effort. My ideal size is 18" x 24" but you can make it the size the best suits your work space and needs.

Here is what your will need: Foam core board Hot glue gun Glue sticks Fabric for trim Batting fleece Scissors or Rotary cutters

What I have done differently than Lori is that I used a thin board of wood instead of foam core and I then place batting on both sides and used a full piece of cloth large enough to cover the bottom and to turn up to create a trim to border the design board side. This give me a design board on one side and quickie pressing surface on the other! (I thought about posting a picture of my pressing/design board... but with years of use it is kinda cruddy and time to change the pressing side fabric lol!...I will post it once I have 😊

However, if you want to make a separate Portable Ironing Board that provides an extra padded pressing area. TheCraftyGemini offers this great YouTube tutorial for making your own portable ironing board!

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