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I was blessed to have a wonderful childhood, a hard working  mom, a doting grandmama and a community/neighborhood where I felt protected and part of a village.   Back then, there were no computers or video games…and very little black & white TV watching… just books, dolls, toys, outdoors, and my imagination!!!

As a child, I was gifted a turbo charged and extremely creative imagination! The truth be told that gift has carried over into my adulthood!  In support of my wonderful imagination; is my natural inclination to always challenge boundaries, question limitations and explore possibilities…especially creatively!!  

There were two things I really really loved as a little girl!  LOLLIPOPS!! and SPENDING  BLISSFUL PLAY TIME IN MY MAGINARY LAND, I CALLED “OTHER SIDE” LAND.   To visit the “Other Side” Land, I simply had to take a nap…usually with a lollipop hanging from my mouth.  My return home generally came via my grandmamma removing that lollipop and giving me a loving wake up kiss (i.e. some Brown Shugah!) I enjoyed my grandmama's loving hugs & KISSES and hearing her say” Li’l girl!! one day you just gonna turned into a lollipop!!!”  (even though she was my major lollipop supplier!!!).

Funny thing, what my grandmamma never knew is, in “Other Side” Land that is exactly what happened to me and all the” Other Side” Land kids !!  We all looked like Lollipops!  Well, we still had our  own beautifully special skin tones…but our hair came in all flavors!!!  Some kids had blueberry hair! others Strawberry! Licorice! Lime! …even Bubble Gum!!!  We all wore bright joyous colors too!!  As a matter of fact, everything in “Other Side” Land was aglow with the most beautiful and joyful colors of the rainbow!


My "Other Side” Land was the ultimate kid’s paradise…located somewhere between Heaven and the Sweetest of my Grandmama’s Kiss!!!!  A place where children who looked just like me ...and others... enjoyed total freedom to just be happy and loving  kids!!!   There were no “mean people” there.   A wonderful place where color is celebrated…not defining …just LOVE! FUN! SMILES! INNOCENCE! AND CREATIVE PLAY!!! 

So it should come to no surprise that when I decided to try my hand a designing contemporary rag dolls, the memories of my “Other Side” Land exploded in …what I like to call… my Pammagination!!!   So much so, my “Other Side” Land has morphed into Brown Shugah Junction™ and my playmates into the LolliTops™!



However, in the meantime, just know that the Brown Shugah Junction™ Rag Doll Collections are SIMPLY DESIGNED AND HAND CRAFTED TO FREE THE IMAGINATION AND IGNITE EXTRAORDINARY CREATIVE PLAY!!!!


WELCOME TO MY BROWN SHUGAH JUNCTION!!!  - where the love of generations meet


Blessings, Love, Smiles and Joy!!!

Pamm Hubbard, BSJ Master Creative, Doll Artist and  Owner


BSJ is always happy to hear from you. If you want to give  feedback, ask a question,  or simply want to say hello, please contact  BSJ at:



Meet BSJ's Contemporary Folk Artist ,
 Master Creative and Doll Designer:
Pamm Hubbard - BrownShugahJunction, LLC/ Pammagination Studios

Creativity  is hard wired into my DNA. It is my life’s blood and elixir.   It is the force that drives my passion to experiment with multiple art forms and my curiosity to combine different mediums, colors and textures.


Captivated by the textures of fibers, mesmerized by the beautiful colors of beads and textiles,and  intrigued by the promise of a found object, my creative nature has led to my interest in dollmaking, beads, fibers, and mixed media arts. For over 30 years, my creative  journey has been a glorious discovery of my God given creative talents and the evolution of my art.  Brown Shugah Junction is my vehicle to share  just some of the fruits of my Pammagination!!!


“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”   -- Maya Angelo

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